Undergraduate Scholarships & Awards

The Department of Ballet offers various scholarships to both entering and continuing students. Entering students are considered for departmental scholarships based on merit as demonstrated in their application materials and at their audition. Entering students should also complete FAFSA information to the University by February 15 in order to ensure the greatest opportunity for the University’s financial support.

The Department of Ballet can only offer scholarships to students who have been accepted to the University of Utah. The deadline for priority application is December 1.

Continuing students are considered for Departmental scholarships based on their accomplishments within the university, within the department and upon consideration of their Scholarship Application.

Application for Department scholarships require a 500-word essay telling, “Why you want to dance at the U of U, what your aspirations are while you are here and after graduation.”

Those attending auditions that are not held at the MCD will need to send in a DVD or video links to  with elements of the required DVD Audition and a clip from a performance where they are highlighted within a 4-month period prior to the due date on February 24, 2015 in order to be considered by the faculty for scholarships.

Initial scholarship awards are made during March 2015.

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