Master of Fine Arts Degree

DANCE IS A WAY OF KNOWING… of knowing one’s self in relation to one’s community and one’s place in the world.

The University of Utah MFA in Modern Dance produces dynamic contributors to an ever-changing field.

The Modern Dance Program is an empowering educational community that thrives through diversity, rigor and a spirit of investigation. Within this vibrant context students and faculty alike actively research performance, improvisation, choreography, theory, dance technology, as well as other academic and theoretical pursuits.

The MFA in Modern Dance is a flexible curriculum, designed to be tailored toward individual interests as well as develop a community of graduate students. MFA candidates conduct a creative and theoretical thesis research project of their own design, while accruing credits in four modules of overlapping study: Physical Practice, Creative Practice, Theoretical Practice and Pedagogical Practice. The goal of the curriculum is professional, creative and intellectual adaptability to develop the candidate’s physical, artistic, theoretical and pedagogical points of view while enhancing their collegial network.

Acceptance into the Modern Dance Graduate Program is determined by audition. The audition offers an opportunity for prospective students to observe our program and for faculty to assess each student’s potential for success in our program. Applicants wishing to be considered for departmental scholarships and/or Graduate Assistantships in their first year are required to attend an audition.

MFA Handbook Items
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pdfGraduate Curriculum
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