Student Requests

The Student Request Committee (SRC) Is your way to address specific issues or needs you might encounter in relation to class attendance policies or curricular change requests you could have during your time as a major in the Modern Dance Program.

The Student Request Committee is committed to assisting students in the Department of Modern Dance who have legitimate requests for accommodations related to specific pre-planned or unexpected incidents, such as injuries or illnesses, that require them to be absent from or unable to participate in their Departmental classes. Additionally, certain curricular change requests might require Student Request form appeal. Filing a student request is done for any request made by a student that would require a deviation from existing Departmental policies found in the handbooks for undergraduates or graduates regarding attendance or curricular changes. Requests typically fall into four categories but there might be some that are unique and those would be considered as well.

1) A request to be excused from classes for an event that you know is coming up: These requests must be submitted well in advance of the event (at least a month). Retroactive requests will not be granted. Examples of credible events that might be excused are: performing, choreographing, or fulfilling other dance related opportunities outside of the Department requiring you to be absent from your classes. As a guideline, these requests are usually only for one or two days.

2) A request to be excused from classes for situations not pre-planned (including but not limited to an injury or severe illness that are not prolonged): These requests must be submitted in a timely fashion no later than 2 weeks past the incident and require an official doctor’s note detailing the injury or illness or other official verification of rationale for excuse (An example might be a death in the family or any other catastrophic personal event).

3) A request to change curricular requirements is typically handled by your class advisor but could also be reviewed by the SRC: If advised to do so by your class advisor, fill out the Student Request Form as fully as possible and submit to Professor Richards’ mailbox in MCD 106. Attached verification of transcripts and /or syllabi of former classes might be required. Ask your class advisor if you have questions about what is required for this type of request.

4) A request to adjust credit for technique class. Technique class is the only class for which you can request an adjustment of credit. This adjustment is made possible in special circumstances to allow you to receive credit for the portion of the class you were able to attend and to recoup your tuition investment for that class in any proportion possible. This type of request requires an official written note from your physician or other valid health care provider verifying your injury and the amount of time projected for recuperation. In certain instances advanced graduate students may request taking a technique class for reduced credit. This situation should be discussed with the graduate advisor prior to submitting a request for credit adjustment. Because technique classes are 3 credit courses, the “ballpark” equivalent for time related to credit is approximately 5 weeks per credit hour (there are 15-16 weeks in a semester). If your student request is approved and the “Credit Adjustment Form” is turned in on time to the Dean’s office and subsequently to the University Registrar on time, you should receive a proportionate tuition adjustment rebate that is determined by the University. In the event that you are unsure as to your recuperation time, you should confer with your technique teacher and can wait until two weeks before the end of the semester to submit your completed “Credit Adjustment Form.” Remember, the Credit Adjustment Form has to be fully filled out by you and signed by you and your teacher.

*Adjustment of Credit is a two-step process:

a) Student Request form – to be approved by the SRC. Download here: student_request_form.pdf
b) Credit Adjustment form – available in the MCD main office – to be filled out by the student and instructor and turned in to the MCD main office no later than two weeks before the end of classes.

Credit Adjustment Procedure

All Credit Adjustment forms must be fully filled out and submitted to the Department office no later than 2 weeks before the end of the semester. This is the student’s responsibility. Check your dates! The Department will make no exceptions or accommodations to this policy. Remember…not all categories of requests are “Credit Adjustment” related.

IF your Student Request is a category 4 request, you must complete the following steps in order to activate any action regarding your request:

  • Acquire an official written note from you doctor detailing the general nature of your injury and what the time frame for your recovery is projected to be.
  • Photo copy the note as you might need the original for other classes outside the Department.
  • The request form can be found in MCD 106.
  • Return your written request form and the attached copy of the Doctor’s note to Rob Wood's mailbox in the Main Office in MCD 106. Professor Woods is Chair of the Student Request Committee.
  • Simultaneously alert your technique teacher about your request and confirm with the teacher your submission of the request as specified above. This is a required step.
  • Allow at least one week for the committee to meet and make a decision on your request.
  • Go to MCD 106 – the Main Office- to check the Student Request return basket for your response from the committee. You must do this or you won’t know the outcome of your request. This is your responsibility and affects the subsequent steps to completing the process successfully.

IF your request has been approved for a reduction of credit, you must do the following:

  • Immediately ask either member of the front office staff for a CREDIT ADJUSTMENT FORM.
  • Fill the form out completely and have it signed by your technique teacher.
  • At this time, fully inform your technique teacher about your particular situation and the fact that your request has been approved and you are moving forward with the process for Credit Adjustment. You will also want to get verification from your instructor on the appropriate amount of credit you are able to adjust.
  • Return the Credit Adjustment form to the Main Office Staff in person and have them check it before you leave to make sure it is complete.
  • This entire procedure must all take place no later than two weeks before the end of the semester.

IF your Student Request is not approved you should make an appointment with both your technique teacher and your class advisor to discuss outcomes and alternative plans for completion of Departmental requirements.

Supplemental Credit Guidelines: Whatever the outcome of your Student Request, it is often the case that students take the opportunity to register for college credit for technique and other courses they take at credible professional summer workshops such as Ririe Woodbury, RDT, Bates, Ailey, ADF, etc…. Students subsequently use the college credits for which they register at these summer dance workshops to augment Departmental credits they have petitioned to adjust. To do this requires a Student Request Form application and submission of evidence of participation, and following all of the SRC procedures outlined above.


  • I missed the bus or TRAX.
  • My alarm clock did not go off.
  • I was stuck in traffic.
  • I couldn’t get a ride to campus.
  • I had an upset stomach.
  • My family is taking a vacation to Hawaii.
  • I’m getting married.
  • My legs are sore and I can’t dance.
  • I don’t feel good.
  • I am stressed and need a day off.

These are only a few of the examples that should NOT be submitted as student requests but please consider your request in relation to this entire informational document and make the best choice you can based on the information you have been given.

Departmental policy for technique absences allows you to miss five technique classes per semester (including ballet and modern for levels 2-3-4). Freshman technique has its own absence policy because ballet is taught as a separate class through the Ballet Department. Freshman should refer to their syllabi for both of those classes to determine absence policies for those courses.

If you have further questions please see Rob Wood or your class advisor for assistance.