Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Our Commitment

The University of Utah School of Dance strives to nurture a culture where justice, equity, and inclusivity are daily practices—not just initiatives. As an artistic educational institution, we believe that students, faculty, and staff must feel seen, heard, and valued to be fully engaged in our artistic, pedagogical, theoretical research and endeavors. We urge everyone to recognize, respect, and celebrate diverse perspectives and experiences in all they do. We understand that purposeful and varied representation in our dance studios and classrooms leads to the same representation in companies and on stage, both in and out of academia. We welcome every effort to learn new ways of communication and trust through dance, which continuously provides us with challenging and joyous opportunities for transformation. 

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How we are embodying these commitments into our daily practices... 

Queer Dance Initiative

Queer Dance Initiative (QDI) is a student group created in the School of Dance in Fall 2021 targeted toward LGBTQ+ students. This group works to promote and exercise queer awareness in the areas of social, political, cultural, and dance studies. They also organize and provide workshops designed to develop an understanding of queer dancers’ experiences in American society. QDI hosted a three-session workshop, open to all SOD students, in Voguing, a dance form that originated in queer communities that has historically been absent from the SOD curriculum. QDI has also drafted a letter to the SOD faculty asking for more queer inclusive language and spaces, and asking for stronger faculty-students lines of communication in regards to DEI work follow-through. More information on QDI can be found here

 QDI Guest Artist Jazzamine Pike

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Meet / (re) Connect

In Fall 2021, the School of Dance hosted a series of workshops with SOD alumni targeting specific underrepresented groups (BIPOC, LGBTQ+). The goal of the groups was to create a community and let the alumni speak openly about their experiences while at the school and ways they would like to see change implemented for our current and future students. The ideas and suggestions put forth by alumni have become topics of discussion for our DEI groups and has led to action and implementation of new initiatives.