F&MAD Film Fest to Include Dance Students and Alumni

22 September 2016 Published in News and Announcements
F&MAD Film Fest to Include Dance Students and Alumni Top to bottom: La Rechute by Stéphane Glynn, Legthen by Maggie Glendenning

Ballet and Modern Dance will have a presence on screen through the works of Maggie Glendening and Stéphane Glynn during the annual F&MAD Film Fest, organized by the University of Utah Department of Film & Media Arts. The festival will screen 10 handpicked student short films from 2015–2016.

La Rechute, directed by Stéphane Glynn, is a poetic, experimental film in which alum Kelly Bruce (MFA Modern Dance), takes part of a series of metaphors about loss. The director, Stéphane Glynn, received a Graduate Certificate in Screendance from the School of Dance in 2015.

“This film [is a response to] the death of my grandmother a few years ago. I worked on a short poem with my sister, which we eventually translated into French (my family is French) and had my grandfather read and record,” says Stéphane.

After receiving a Minor in Modern Dance from the University of Virginia, Stéphane chose the University of Utah to continue his development as a filmmaker because of our strong dance program. He is co-founder of Screendance Collective, a group that curates dance films, and recently served in the jury for the Northwest Screendance Expo.

Also during the festival, director Maggie Glendening is presenting Lengthen, a fiction piece addressing a real struggle for many dancers—the pressure to maintain a certain body image. “I danced ballet my entire life and always struggled with body image.”

Maggie’s film includes the participation of three ballet students, Sydney Joy (Lizzie), Karina Biancone, and Savanna Hunter. Maggie’s idea for the film came after reading that Misty Copeland, one of the 100 most influential people in the world (Time magazine 2015) and the first African American female principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre, also struggles with body image and body dysmorphia. If you are a University of Utah student who would like to talk to someone about this struggle, you can contact the Center for Student Wellness.

With ten short films ranging from documentary to animation, fiction and screendance, the 6th annual F&MAD Film Fest promises to have something for everyone. We are very excited to see the collaboration of filmmakers, dancers, and actors to tell these stories in our communities and beyond.

Join the dancers and filmmakers this Sunday!

F&MAD Film Fest
Sunday, September 25, 7pm
Tower Theater
Free and open to the public
Make sure to vote for your favorite film at the end of the show