2018 ACDA Selections Announced

05 January 2018 Published in News and Announcements


The University of Utah has been an active participant in the American College Dance Association for over 35 years. The American College Dance Association’s primary focus is to support and promote the wealth of talent and creativity that is prominent throughout college and university dance programs. ACDA’s sponsorship of regional conferences and the national dance festival provides a venue for students and faculty to engage in four days of performances, workshops, panels, and master classes taught by instructors from around the region and country. The conferences also provide the unique opportunity for students and faculty to have their dance works adjudicated by a panel of nationally recognized dance professionals in an open and constructive forum. The following School of Dance Faculty and Students will present work at the upcoming Northwest Region American College Dance Association Conference March 24-27, 2018 at the University of Colorado Boulder:

For Adjudication

Stranger Kin
Choreographer, Nichele Van Portfleet, graduate student, modern dance program
Dancers – Leo Liu Chang, Brian Gerke

before she sleeps in the sand
Choreographer, Pamela Geber Handman, faculty, modern dance program
Dancers – Brooklyn Draper, Samijo Kougioulis, Cameron Mertz, Bayley Smallwood

For the Informal Concert

Can You Sit Still
Choreographer, Nell Josephine Rollins, undergraduate student, ballet program
Dancers – Emily Choe, Talia Dixon, Felicia Montgomery


Red Chair
Director/Choreographer/Editor, Marty Buhler, undergraduate student, modern dance

Congratulations to all! Mark your claendar for a showing of the works before Spring Break on March 16, 2018.