UofU Dancers Perform in Beatles-Inspired Nu-Topia, Choreographed by Melonie B. Murray and James Wallace

05 June 2018 Published in News and Announcements

Nu-Topia, an original multi-media production created and directed by Loren Wilder, explores the message of John Lennon and the Beatles through dance. The production will take the stage in Aspen Colorado’s Wheeler Opera House, whose website describes the Nu-Topia audience experience as “saturated in light, sound and projection re-creating the historic Wheeler Opera House into an immersive environment steeped in good vibes. This must-see production will be a transforming experience with its’ cosmic message and exhilarating soundtrack.”

The Evolution Movement and Revolutions, two precursor productions to Nu-Topia, included similar ideas and messages inspired by the iconic group. Each production includes a “Lennon” character that guides the audience through a production of dance, humor, and stunning visuals, all choreographed to a unique selection of Beatles music. Melonie Buchanan Murray choreographed and danced the original Lennon role, and has re-choreographed each new iteration of this show. This time around Murray is joined by James Wallace, a Graduate Student at the School of Dance; the two are joint choreographers of Nu-Topia. 

The School of Dance will be well represented on stage. 13 of Nu-Topia’s 17 cast members are current or former UofU students, including recent Ballet Program grad Ashley Chin-Mark, who will dance the role of Lennon. The Nu Topia cast rehearsed at the Marriott Center for Dance with the choreographers for two weeks before traveling to Aspen for three more rehearsal days before the opening on June 7th.

Melonie Buchanan Murray Rehearsing with the Nu-Topia Cast