Diverse Creative Research Showcased at the Graduate Thesis Concert

08 November 2018 Published in News and Announcements

On November 15th, 16th, and 17th, the graduate students, in their final year of study at the University of Utah, invite you to attend their thesis concert at the Marriott Center for Dance, Hayes Christensen Theater. This culminating performance reveals the diverse creative researches that have been undertaken by the graduating students over the past three years.

Leo Changpresents a trio of dancers, which explores the relationship between Chinese Classical Dance and American Modern Dance Aesthetics. 

Brian Gerkeperforms an excerpt from his new solo work, in which he reflects on aging and beauty within the repertory dance company scene.

Samijo Kougioulispresents a trio exploring the spatial, physical, and emotional relationships between three women. This new work aims to develop and refine their individual habitual movement tendencies by researching subtlety and acceptance within their movement.

Brooklyn Draperinvestigates how logic can be formed utilizing random movement within the choreographic process and how random movements begin to form meaning once they are placed in relationship to one another.

James Wallace’scontemporary ballet work, entitled Vision/Revision, abstractly and literally explores retrograde, which features a haunting score composed by Wallace himself.

The Graduate Thesis Concert runs approximately 90 minutes long, and is free to all students in possession of an arts pass. General Admission ticketing costs $15, and showtimes include Thurs. November 15, at 5:30 pmand Fri./Sat. November 16 & 17, at 7:30 pm.