Online Summer Dance Courses

15 May 2020 Published in News and Announcements

The School of Dance is adding two courses to our summer online offerings, sign up now for these second half summer courses! 

Dance in Culture (DANC 1010-90) 

This course is designed for non-majors, and is designated as a Fine Arts Foundation course. The course provides an introduction to and fundamental understanding of dance as a means of cultural expression.

This course meets the Fine Arts and Diversity requirement. 
Taught by Jasmine Stack

Dance Appreciation (DANC 1015-91)

This course provides the exposure, skills and language with which to interact with dance, and make sense of it as a physical and intellectual art form. The course offers an in-depth look at the process of making dance, giving a peek to what happens behind the curtain. It also gives in-depth look at the dance being created today, the ideas it explores, and the ways in which it relates to real life. The course includes viewing dance live and on video, guest lectures by professionals from the field, and directed movement experiences. Dance training not required.

This course meets the Fine Arts general education requirement.  
Taught by Halie Bahr and Elliott Keller 


Both classes begin June 18, 2020.  The last day to add/drop for these classes is June 23rd.