Master of Fine Arts in Ballet

The Master of Fine Arts in Ballet degree offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of ballet through a variety of approaches and perspectives. Our philosophy for studying ballet at a graduate level is based on a theoretical foundation in which ballet is understood as an art form, and also as a source of cultural, social, and historical meaning and relevance.

Through rigorous coursework in the areas of pedagogy, choreography, scholarly inquiry, and theory, this degree program assists the MFA candidate in developing their skills as a teacher, choreographer, and scholar. Additionally, the graduate program provides opportunities for performance, choreography, collaboration, academic inquiry, and teaching.

Curricular Philosophy 

The Master of Fine Arts in Ballet curriculum allows for flexibility and is designed so that students may tailor their studies according to individual interests. Theory courses are foundational, and students take additional coursework in the areas of Pedagogy, Choreography, and Scholarly Inquiry before selecting an area of focus. Graduate projects and elective coursework support the selected area of focus, and the self-designed Thesis project serves as a culmination of each student’s research journey during their studies.


Please direct any inquiries about graduate studies to Eric Handman, Director of Graduate Studies