Meet the Artists of Triumvirate

02 December 2019 Published in News and Announcements


gradprofiles 12Alexandra Barbier

Alexandra is on a constant quest for cozy and was once described by her BFF as the human version of hygge. Her anxiety is highest when she’s napping inside while the weather outside is nice. She survived this past semester on BBQ Lays potato chips, strawberry flavored Sour Punch Straws, Co – Star horoscope advice, and the Bee Gee’s Greatest Hits album. On a more serious note, Alex is greatly appreciative of the experiences she’s had in the Modern Dance MFA program over the past 2.5 years, especially performing in works by Anna Azrieli and Daniel Clifton, serving as rehearsal director for guest artist Charles Anderson, receiving the endowed TA position with the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program, and teaching Making Queer Performance Art, a course that she designed and developed. You can find more about her on the World Wide Web by visiting

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E’lise Jumes

In 2015 E’lise’s career started to bring her all over the world, attending multiple Gaga Intensive in NYC and Israel while studying from members of Batsheva Dance Company under the guidance of Ohad Naharin. After returning to the states, she briefly continued to perform in Chicago, IL until she decided to relocate for graduate school in 2017.

E’lise is in her final year at the University of Utah- School of Dance where she is pursuing an MFA in Modern Dance on Assistantship and a Screen Dance Certificate. In Spring 2019, E’lise was awarded the University’s Teaching Assistantship for the 2019-2020 academic year. Throughout her graduate school experience E’lise has received close mentorship from Molly Heller, Stephen Koester, Ellen Bromberg, Eric Handman and Katrina McPherson. Over the last two years her research within movement, voice and the creative process has opened up opportunities for her to study with Meredith Monk, Danielle Agami (ATE9), Anouk van Dijk and Tom Koch. Within the Salt Lake Community, E’lise has performed and premiered work both as choreographer and screen dance artist at 12 Minutes Max, Plush Panopoly, On Site Dance Series, Kingsbury Hall, Rose Wagner Theater and the American College Dance Association Northwest Conference. Get the full scoop at

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Joanna Lees

Joanna Lees is a choreographer, performer, teacher and administrator out of Minneapolis, MN + Salt Lake City, UT. Joanna is the Executive Director, Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of the Minneapolis company, Alternative Motion Project. Joanna’s work has been presented in New York City, Glen Ellyn, IL, Louisville, KY and Kalamazoo, MI. She earned her BFA in Dance from The Ohio State University (2007). Joanna is currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant at The University of Utah where she has performed works by Charles Anderson, Stephen Koester, Sara Pickett and Doug Varone. Joanna was selected as a choreographer for Doug Varone’s DEVICES mentorship program, showcasing her work in NYC in August 2018. She was awarded a University Teaching Assistantship to design and teach her own course in Spring 2020.