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Leave of Absence Policies & Form

1. Any student who is anticipating leaving the  Modern Dance Program for a period of time must complete a leave of absence form and submit this form to the Chair for faculty approval.

2. Because the department curriculum is sequential in design, it is problematic for a student to leave the program in the middle of the year. If this happens, the student would need to re-enter the program at the same point in the curriculum sequence.

3. Any student on departmental probation at the time of his/her departure must re-audition for the Modern Dance Program upon their return.

4. If a student has a University scholarship at the time of their departure, they would need to check with Financial Aid regarding the status of that scholarship upon their return.

5. Department Scholarships will be discontinued if a student takes a leave of absence mid-year. Department scholarships are not “held” for students upon they return.

Application for Curriculum Exception

Students requesting a course substitution or waiver must:

1. Complete the pdfCollege of Fine Arts Application for Curriculum Exception

2. Attach justification

3. Include (if applicable) the published description & syllabus for the replacement course(s)

4. Include a copy of your Degree Audit for the appropriate major & catalog year

5. Submit to the Modern Dance Department, 106 MCD.