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Revitalized Dancer & Somatic Track

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Are you experiencing stress or anxiety related to working within the dance field?  Are you interested in deepening your awareness as a mover to better prepare you for auditions or rehearsals?  Are you curious about expanding your tools for dancer wellness?  Would you like to have more choices around habits?


In tandem with the Utah Ballet Summer Intensive (6/20-7/15) we are offering a program of somatics classes focusing on ways to revitalize and deepen your dance practice to better meet the demands of the field both physically and mentally.

With a somatics based approach this program will focus on increasing self-awareness of individual movement patterns, finding enhanced integration in movement, and cultivating a mind-body connection as a dancer that can potentially create more nuance and ease in movement.  The overall intent is to allow dancers to make more choices about movement, deepen their understanding of their own bodies, and learn how their whole selves can support dancer wellness, personal movement goals, injury prevention and/or injury recovery.

Dancers will be able to work in small groups or one-on-one with highly experienced movement educators devoted to dancer wellness.  Class size is limited for this specialized Revitalized Dancer & Somatic Track to allow for a more individualized experience.  These sessions may incorporate the following practices: Alexander Technique, Developmental Movement, Laban/Bartenieff, Yoga, Pilates, dance science based conditioning, experiential anatomy, myofascial release techniques, and mindfulness practices.

There are multiple options to attend including a Drop-In Class option.  Those registered for the full four weeks of RD&S Block 1 or RD&S Block 2 will receive a Certificate of Completion for 30 hours in Alexander Technique and Somatic Practices.

There are multiple options for this track depending on ​personal interest and/or stage within the healing process of an injury.

RDS Block 1

9-9:45am — Conditioning
10-11am — Modified Ballet Barre
11:30-1pm — The Specialized Revitalized Dancer & Somatic Session (Mon.-Fri.)

Regular Rate: $1,200
Current SOD Student or SOD Alumni Rate*: $1,000

RDS Block 2

11:30-1pm — The Specialized Revitalized Dancer & Somatic session (Mon.-Fri.)

Regular Rate: $600
Current SOD Student or SOD Alumni Rate*: $500

Drop-In Class Rate: $35 
Current SOD Student or SOD Alumni Drop-In Class Rate*: $30 
3-Class Pack Rate: $93 
Current SOD Student or SOD Alumni 3-Class Pack Rate*: $78 

RDS Block 3

5:40-6:30pm — Late afternoon Somatic Session (Mon, Wed, and Thurs). This session meets with other students in the UBSI Block 3 session.

Regular Rate: $300
Current SOD Student or SOD Alumni Rate*: $250

*Current School of Dance students (Freshman beginning Fall 2021 or earlier) qualify for an additional discount listed below. Note that students accepted as Freshman beginning Fall 2022 do not qualify for this discount.





Christine McMillan

Recovering Dancer & Somatic Track coordinator, University of Utah Assistant Professor, Lecturer

Natalie Desch

Luc Vanier

University of Utah Professor and Director of the School of Dance

Melissa Bobick

Elizabeth Johnson

University of Florida Associate Professor


Tom Welsh

Florida State University Professor

Chris Alloways Ramsey

Colleen Wahl

Alfred University Assistant Professor

Justine Sheedy Kramer

Frederika Steed

HCI Cancer Exercise Specialist, HCI Cancer Wellness Group Fitness Instructor, Owner of Methods In Movement

Christine Moore

Kellie St. Pierre

University of Utah MFA Candidate 

Christine Moore

Melissa Mirza

Physical Therapist & Dancer   

Read the guest artist bios here.



This track is recommended for those 17 years of age and older who have had a minimum of 4 years of dance training.  Enrollment is capped at 15 dancers based on a first come basis. ​Please note that University of Utah housing is closed at this point and RD&S dancers would be responsible for their own housing.

For more information and registration information, please contact Assistant Professor Christine McMillan at .

 Luc Alexander Technique


If you have any questions, please contact us at  or 801-581-7327.