Hannah Fischer

MFA Candidate

Hannah Fischer launched Fischer Dance in 2014 to create space for contemporary dance-making in South Bend, IN. Before launching Fischer Dance, she spent three years in St. Louis, MO with Leverage Dance Theater as their assistant director and production coordinator. Thanks to Leverage, Hannah has experience working in public schools with arts-integration, as well as working with underserved youths in the juvenile system and residential care. 

Hannah has had the pleasure of working closely with some of her modern dance-making heroes; Victoria Marks, Susan Marshall, David Dorfman, Kim Epifano, Jane Comfort, Nejla Yatkin, Matthew Janczewski, Donna Uchizono, Bridgman|Packer, KJ Holmes, and Nancy Stark Smith. In 2017 Hannah received an Individual Artist Grant through the Indiana Arts Commission. Earlier in her career, Hannah was awarded support through the Margaret Hill Visiting Artist Endowment, the Fauman Foundation Fund, the Catherine-Dooley Grant for Peace and Justice, and was an Associate Artist in Residence at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in 2014. 

In her dance-making, Hannah is collaborative and interdisciplinary, believing firmly that dance has the power to transform a community. Up until 2018, Hannah was the only modern dance-maker regionally, paving the way for New Industry Dance. Her specialties are in community engagement, immersive performance experiences, and integrated media and dance. After four years of producing independent dance work in South Bend, Indiana, Hannah now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah as she pursues her MFA in Modern Dance at the University of Utah. She serves on the advisory boards for Leverage Dance Theater and New Industry Dance, and is a contributing writer for loveDANCEmore

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