Modern Dance Minor

The Dance Minor in the University of Utah Modern Dance Program enables students to engage in the intellectual, technical, and creative investigation that we are nationally known for, while completing a major in another discipline. Dance minors take a selection of classes from the non-majors and majors program, tailoring a curriculum based on each individual’s interests and abilities. Coursework is designed to enable students to fully engage in all aspects of a fine arts degree; requirements for the minor include dance technique, composition, and upper-division theory courses. Minors are also welcome to audition for modern dance program concerts. The Dance Minor requires the completion of 18 semester credit hours of approved course work in the dance minor, in addition to University general education requirements. These 18 credits may be taken throughout a four-year program of study or may be concentrated into a shorter time period.

All incoming minors must audition for admission into the Dance Minor program as well as comply with regular University admission procedures (review the information for Undergraduate Admissions & Auditions). Auditions are for acceptance only; at this time, we are unable to provide scholarships for dance minors. Candidates must audition in-person at one of our scheduled auditions; alternative auditions are not available for minor applicants.

Modern Dance Minor Catalog

Minors should expect to take pre-requisites in the non-majors program before attending majors’ courses; exceptions can be made for those who demonstrate exceptional proficiencies. It is possible for a student to receive their minor in dance without ever taking a majors’ studio class. Minors may not take upper-division theory courses until after his/her freshman year. Minors must place into any majors-level studio class, either with the permission of the faculty member, through a placement audition during the first week of classes, or must have proven his/her ability and preparation through previously taken non majors classes. Minors wishing to take a studio majors class must be aware that the faculty of the Modern Dance Program presumes that minors will have the physical stamina and coordination to take majors classes safely. If the faculty feels a student’s safety is in jeopardy, the student may be asked to drop out of the program. Minors meet regularly with their advisor to monitor progress through the program.

If a dance major has been out of the program for over a year and wants to return to complete a minor, he or she must re-audition for the program.  Dance minors wanting to transfer into the major program must re-audition.

The Modern Dance Program is a contemporary dance community that is distinguished by its sense of excellence, professionalism, humanism, and a proud commitment to a lively spirit of creative inquiry. Diversity is welcomed, respected and encouraged; creative and intellectual integrity is required; professional discipline is expected. The mission of our Minor Program is to promote the growth and development of students as dance artists, critical inquirers, and community members. Through the breadth and depth of the curriculum, the students develop competencies in artistic expression, somatic literacy, critical thinking, empirical knowledge, self-esteem, collaboration, and problem solving.

For queries specific to the minors program contact Daniel Clifton, Assistant Professor (Lecturer) & Modern Dance Minor Advisor at

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